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And a little bit about me

Richard Johnson:

Well I began life as a hyperactive child so my parents threw me into most sports that were around and I just never really stopped.

After realising a “normal” job just wasn’t going to suit me, I left Uni to pursue a career in the fitness industry.

In 1995 I found the Diploma of Recreation (fitness), a 2yr full time course that focussed on sports coaching and the developing PT industry.

After working in the gym system (95-2000) I thought I’d go it alone and started what has now become West Brisbane Personal Training!

My philosophy has always been to try keep exercise fun. I love it but I realise many of you don’t enjoy it as much (or at all). So if you’re not having fun let me know (and we’ll see if 100 push-ups will make you smile!).
Richard Johnson PT

Also being a simple minded male, I get bored easily. So variety in training has always been a must. If I do one thing for too long I switch off. So I try to incorporate a lot of variety in sessions like, strength vs muscle endurance, shorter intense cardio with longer jogs/rides, full body workouts vs single group overload etc.

I want to push you to a point where you are uncomfortable, exhausted, delirious... but I don’t want to make you vomit.

But make sure you know where the sink is just in case

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