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My self confidence is back and I feel FANTASTIC…

Hi, my name is Elizabeth, I’m 34 years old.

After suffering a knee injury and having my 2 children, I found I gained weight and no matter what I did my weight didn’t seem to change.

I decided to buy a rowing machine and in the bargaining process the retailer offered me a ½ price personal training session. That was how, by chance, I met Richard.

When Richard did his first assessment, I was of course overweight, but I was also very tired and didn’t have the energy to do anything. My fitness was poor, I was not fitting into my clothes, I didn’t feel good and my self confidence was lacking.

I was determined to lose weight so I continued having the personal training sessions once a week with Richard.

The sessions involved cardio workouts as well as resistance training. Due to me knee injury, there were exercises I could not participate in so Richard worked the sessions around my needs. He also set up a program for me to do by myself that was easily followed.

I found Richard to always be very encouraging , but also pushing me to the next level, which is something I could not have done on my own.

I feel that the extra push and encouragement to go a bit further is the secret to the success I have had through Richard. Richard has taught me to challenge myself through exercise, which I am now thoroughly enjoying.

It has been hard work, and I have had good weeks and bad weeks, but again Richard has shown me not to be concerned about scales. It is the measurements and body fat percentage to watch. The hardest thing for me and my exercise routine was to fit a young family into it. Being able to have a trainer come to your house at a convenient time makes a big difference. My husband assisted me by holding the home front while I exercised. I must say I actually put myself first (after the children) for a few months, to exercise. Now that I have achieved what I have I’m glad I did.

Through all the hard work and Richard’s personal guidance, I am now in a regular exercise pattern. I have regained my fitness to a level I never thought I would get back to. I actually have energy to burn and no longer feel tired 24/7.

I have trimmed and toned my entire body. In all I have lost 9kg. I slashed 14cm from my hips, I am wearing size 10 clothes and I no longer have that horrible dimpling of cellulite on my thighs.

I don’t diet but eat what I want (in moderation of course). Everybody comments on my transformation and my husband loves the new me.

My self confidence is back and I feel FANTASTIC.

I firmly believe that Richard’s techniques were the key to achieving my goals.

I highly recommend Richard if you are keen to lose weight, tone up or just want to improve your fitness and are unable to get there on your own. I did and am more than happy that I did.

Elizabeth, Barellan Point, Qld
Jan ‘03

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