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I was well on my way to losing my goal of 60kgs…

Hi, my name is Jo.

I first met Richard when I transferred gyms. The first class I did was Body Combat. He was incredible! His enthusiasm and motivation lifted the class and we were to give that ‘little bit more’.

Having lost 30kg , I was well on my way to losing my goal of 60kgs. I asked Richard if he would train me as I was scared of losing momentum - no problem.

Since then I haven’t looked back. It is so beneficial having a personal trainer :
Motivation - having someone following and recording your progress on a weekly basis.
1 on 1 interaction and knowing that ‘ big brother ‘ is watching, but in a good way.
Food & nutrition - thought I knew everything but there is always something new to learn.
Emotional support - for me this was huge due to the magnitude of the job at hand.
Weights training - this is the key, building lean muscle tissue.
Knowing that someone is only a phone call away. For me, advice on injuries and how best to      heal.

I have been challenged along the way. As the weight has come off, peoples attitudes towards me have changed both positively and negatively. With my new found strength and Richard’s constant support I have been able to work through the negative.

My life has changed forever, I feel fantastic and I am discovering the person within. The confidence I have gained and my enthusiasm for life has been restored due to my achievements.

Richard’s confidence in me has never waned. I have now lost 51kg and know that because of his professionalism, motivation and support, plus the fact that I know we are both working towards a common goal, the target of losing 60kg is only weeks away.

Thank you so much Richard!

Jo, Windemere, Qld
Dec ‘02

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